Advisory Services

We provide our clients with all-round support in the areas of direct investments, Mergers & Acquisitions, Valuations, Management Improvements and Restructuring. 

Services rendered include:


  • Identification of potential sellers and buyers

  • Financial Modeling and Valuations

  • Preparation of Information Memorandum

  • Identification of potential targets for M&A and Growth

  • Review of loan agreements

  • Manage end to end DD process

  • Appraisal on development plans

  • Financial Structure Optimization

  • Valuation Benchmarking


  • Develop project plans

  • Competition reviews

  • Appraisal of cargo flows

  • Organisational Reviews

  • Propose solutions for undeveloped land holdings

Synergies and Operations

  • Development of best industry practices

  • Analysis and improvement of maintenance procedures, safety and security

  • Asset Benchmarking  

Blue Ocean provides advisory services to ensure that its clients get the best possible outcome related to capital market access.