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Our portfolio handles container volumes in excess of 3 million TEU
per annum

This equates to taking close to
2 million trucks off the roads every year


Container Terminals

Rotterdam Shortsea Terminals ("RST") is Europe’s largest container hub for short sea shipping with direct services to Western Europe, Scandinavia, Southern Europe and North Africa.

From its central location in the Port of Rotterdam, RST processes 1.4 million TEU per year via its tri-modal connections.

RST's Corporate and Social Responsibility Report 2022


Source: Port of Rotterdam

Container Logistics

Danser Group is one of the largest container operators in Europe and specialises in low emission transport solutions (inland shipping and rail).


Danser connects seaports in the ARA (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Amsterdam) region with the European hinterland. 

Danser has a fleet of more than 90 chartered and owned ships and handles an annual container volume of 1.6 million TEU.

Danser Group's Corporate and Social Responsibility Report 2022


Source: Danser Group

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